by Hamed BiglariFeb 20, 2024

Saf­fron for rap­id treat­ment of de­pres­sion and anxi­ety

Over dec­ades, stud­ies have con­tin­ued to light­en the po­ten­tial use of Saf­fron, a mys­ter­i­ous spice, for treat­ing de­pressi…

by Hamed BiglariJan 04, 2024

A His­tory of the Spe­cies of Cro­cus Sat­ivus (Saf­fron)

It will be evid­ent to any­one in just the first few lines that this is a highly per­son­al take on the in­triguing path saf…

by Hamed BiglariNov 24, 2023

Saf­fron, a the­ur­gist for ul­ti­mate en­thu­si­asm

Saf­fron does har­vest with great care and thor­ough­ness by hand from the flower spe­cies Cro­cus sat­ivus, dried and sold as…

by Hamed BiglariJul 31, 2023

Be­ne­fi­cial Ef­fects of Saf­fron (Cro­cus sat­ivus L.) in Ocu­lar…

Cro­cus sat­ivus L. (saf­fron) be­longs to the Crocoideae, the sub­fam­ily of the fam­ily of Iridaceae (rich in en­dem­ic specie…

by Hamed BiglariMay 05, 2023

In­tro­duc­tion to Ir­a­ni­an Saf­fron (Cro­cus sat­ivus)

Saf­fron, with the sci­entif­ic name Cro­cus sat­ivus, is a plant from the Iridaceae fam­ily and saf­fron genus, which has man…

by Hamed BiglariJul 19, 2023

The Sci­ence of Saf­fron Dry­ing: don’t waste your money

If the saf­fron stig­mas were dried in­ac­cur­ately after sep­ar­at­ing from their petals, they are worth­less and have low qual…

by Hamed BiglariJan 25, 2024

Plant cycle in the saf­fron cul­tiv­a­tion (saf­fron corms)

Saf­fron corms un­der­go stages of activ­ity, trans­it­ory and dormancy. The ac­tion be­gins when they are planted and grow roo…

by Hamed BiglariFeb 23, 2023

Ir­an, the Biggest Pro­du­cer of Saf­fron in the World

We alone pro­duce over 90% of all Saf­fron world­wide, which is ex­por­ted to more than 80% of its main des­tin­a­tions, such a…

by Hamed BiglariFeb 23, 2023

Saf­fron from dif­fer­ent re­gions and their an­ti­c­an­cer po­tenti…

After ex­tens­ive re­search across mul­tiple areas of Ir­an, it has been found that saf­fron's po­tent anti-can­cer prop­er­ties …

by Hamed BiglariJul 16, 2023

Have the types of Saf­fron dif­fer­ent de­grees of col­or?

Saf­fron has more than five dif­fer­ent types ac­cord­ing to their stig­mas cut. So, yes, any Saf­fron type has col­or­ing units…

by Hamed BiglariAug 20, 2023

The best way to lease the col­or and aroma of saf­fron

Re­gard­ing spices, saf­fron is one of the most exot­ic. It adds a rich or­ange col­or to dishes such as paella and risotto a…

by Hamed BiglariFeb 09, 2023

Buy pure saf­fron on­line from the old­est saf­fron pro­du­cer wo…

As far back as hu­man civil­iz­a­tion goes, the re­cog­ni­tion and con­sump­tion of saf­fron have been a prom­in­ent part of many c…

by Hamed BiglariSep 24, 2023

Ir­an is home to one of the old­est civil­iz­a­tions on Earth

Ir­an is home to one of the old­est civil­iz­a­tions on Earth, where tur­quoise-domed mosques, glit­ter­ing palaces, and the to…

by Hamed BiglariMay 10, 2023

Un­lock­ing the Mys­ter­ies of Saf­fron: A Com­pre­hens­ive Guide

Saf­fron, known as the world’s most ex­pens­ive spice, has a unique his­tory and di­verse uses in the culin­ary world. With t…

by Hamed BiglariSep 09, 2023

The be­ne­fit of Saf­fron pet­al us­age on saf­fron growth and yi…

Ef­fects on man­aging crop residues and cov­er crop plant­ing on dens­ity, pop­u­la­tion of weeds, and ag­ro­nom­ic­al char­ac­ter­ist…

by Hamed BiglariMay 17, 2023

Mak­ing the le­gendary Cornish Saf­fron Cake

The mak­ing of the le­gendary Saf­fron Cake is said to date back to the days when Phoen­i­cian traders ex­changed spices and …

by Hamed BiglariOct 09, 2023

Un­cov­er the Secret World of Saf­fron Adul­ter­a­tion De­tec­tion

Saf­fron (Cro­cus Sat­ivus L.) is a spice of vul­ner­able med­ic­al im­port­ance. It is of­ten adul­ter­ated to lower its qual­ity a…

by Hamed BiglariAug 07, 2023