Have the types of Saffron different degrees of color?
Author : Hamed Biglari | 2023 Aug 20

Have The Types Of Saffron Different Degrees Of Color?

Saffron has more than five different types according to their stigmas cut. So, yes, any Saffron type has coloring units between 120 – 280. Negin-type grade one usually has a color unit of around 250, but the Pushali-type may have a coloring unit of about 180. These coloring grade standards are defined by the International Organization for Standardization, a federation of national standards bodies. ISO 3632 deals exclusively with Saffron and establishes three categories: III (poorest quality), II, and I (finest quality). Formerly there was also Category IV, which was below Category III.

The oldest method of saffron decoloring, Color extraction from Saffron, is the brewing of it. But lately, experts believe cooling using ice pieces is better because the brewing method could damage beneficial quality Saffron material, especially flavors. You will be surprised by catching the natural rich coloring out of Saffron by the melting way. In the first step, a few pinch of saffron stigmas put in a stone or metal mortar and grind as much as possible. It is better to add some sugar powder to your cannon. We propose never using electrical grinders because in electrical grinders when high-speed blades hit the Saffron stigmas, the heat produced could damage your quality saffron ground; then, put some pieces of ice in the desired container, add powdered Saffron to it, and wait about 6 to 8 minutes until the ice melts almost. Saffron doesn't dissolve in water; soaking Saffron in water helps the rich flavor and color extract from the saffron contents into the liquid. After all, you can add this eye-catching and tempting sunshine liquid to your delicious juice, dishes, and delight or pleasure. We ensure the quality of our Saffron products through laboratory analysis and proudly offer a valuable spice based on scientific principles rather than exaggerated advertising. Keep cool and stay in touch by experiencing the finest Saffron with a bright deep tone in the Flonita Saffron market. We will be glad you're happy with our product and service.


Hamed Biglari

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Engineering in Gonabad University of Medical Sciences, Razavi Khorasan, Iran

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